Chloe's Surgery

I want to thank everyone for understanding why I have not been on PetSite for the past few months. I have had two surgeries now for mammary cancer. The most recent surgery was yesterday. They removed two more mammaries, making it a total of four removed. I also had a hernia and a cyst. Surgery went very well, and I look forward to having a long life with my human family and my mommy, Zoe Noel.

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Rasse: Hauskatze Kurzhaar
Besitzer: Michael Koke

Katze, Männlich, 11
Rasse: Tiger Cat
Besitzer: Tracey Pfeiffer

(*in Memory of*) B a x R.I.P.
Hund, Männlich
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Chloe Holiday
Gesendet: 26.05.2012
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 7.18
Rang: 21

Chloe Holiday
Gesendet: 23.07.2011
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 6.23
Rang: 24

Chloe Holiday
Gesendet: 13.09.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 7.23
Rang: 18

Chloe Holiday
Gesendet: 08.08.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 6.78
Rang: 40

Chloe Holiday
Gesendet: 12.07.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 6.67
Rang: 29

Chloe Holiday
Gesendet: 02.05.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 6.95
Rang: 28

Chloe Holiday
Gesendet: 27.03.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 7.04
Rang: 31

Chloe Holiday
Gesendet: 18.03.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 6.52
Rang: 54

Chloe Holiday
Gesendet: 28.02.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 6.88
Rang: 44

Chloe Holiday
Gesendet: 21.02.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 7.00
Rang: 62


Françoise Botrel
Weiblich, 65
Marbella, Spain
2 Hunde

16.05.2012 20:15

Bingo Boy Lola bubles & I are happy to know that Chloe is better , she is such a precious pet & look so nice, I do not know the Boston Terrier ,but seems there are very cute & Chloe look great with her big black eyes . Good recovery & plenty of besos from Marbella Andaloucia ( south of Spain )


Barbara Mayes
Weiblich, 59
Springdale, United States
1 Katze, 2 Hunde

28.07.2011 12:50

Thank you Beatrice, and we hope so too!


Weiblich, 59
2 Katzen, 1 Hund, 5 Vögel

28.07.2011 12:38

and here comes ........ the 333th Star for you, my dear Chloe-Darling! I hope this "special" and cool number will bring much much LUCK to you!
we wish you a good and soon recovery from the surgeries and all your pains!
we send you a big big kiss with all our Love
Bea with Bianca, the 4 birds and Lucky too


Weiblich, 59
2 Katzen, 1 Hund, 5 Vögel

08.01.2011 16:44

Hi, sweet Chloe Holiday
Congratulations to your 300th star!!!! I am so proud and happy to are the one who can give it to You! :-)
we send many big kisses to you
Bea with Bianca - and Lucky;-)


Weiblich, 59
2 Katzen, 1 Hund, 5 Vögel

17.08.2010 16:23

Congratulations dear and sweet Chloe for your 200th Star!!:-)) a big kiss from Switzerland -
Bea & Bianca


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Chloe Holiday

Geschlecht    Weiblich
Geburtstag    31.10.2004
Ortschaft    Springdale
Land    United States
Rasse / Species    Boston Terrier


Barbara Mayes
Weiblich, 59
Springdale, United States
1 Katze, 2 Hunde

Wo ich meine Familie traf

I was born into my family.

Mein erster Tag mit ihnen

I was born on Halloween. My first canine mom gave birth to me in my human parents bed. I was a firstborn, and the only pup to be born in the bed.

Coole Tricks die ich kann

My job is "laundry dog", I spend time with my human mommy while she is doing laundry. I get paid in treats!

Dinge die ich mag

I like barking at anything, especially delivery men, and I like chasing birds out of my yard.

Dinge die ich nicht mag

Taking a bath, little kids and other animals. Little kids scare me, and so do other animals.

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