My Story

I was such a lovely Girl as white as the snow with odd eyes, when my mom adopted my I was only few weeks old. I was very happy with my mother and brother Blake he's 3 months older than me. We love to chase each other and wrestle. We lived so happily togther until i got sick, it was a kidney failure, It was hard for me to fight this strong disease I was Suffering but no more that I crossed the rainbow bridge no more suffering but I miss my mom and brother.

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Meine Freunde (271)

Lydia the Quaker
Vogel, Weiblich
Rasse: Quaker
Besitzer: Bart Graves

Katze, Weiblich, 14
Rasse: Hauskatze Kurzhaar
Besitzer: Liza Gerber

Katze, Weiblich, 8
Rasse: Hauskatze Kurzhaar
Besitzer: Daniela

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Daisy Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Hund, Weiblich, 6
Rasse: Mischling
Besitzer: Karin Moser

Vogel, Männlich, 8
Rasse: Sun Conure
Besitzer: Betty Graves

Hund, Weiblich, 11
Rasse: Chihuahua
Besitzer: Manuela Koller

Pferd, Weiblich, 10
Rasse: Freiberger
Besitzer: Nicole Gehrig

Pferd, Weiblich, 20
Rasse: Freiberger
Besitzer: Nicole Gehrig

Nager, Weiblich, 5
Rasse: Meerschweinchen
Besitzer: Patricia Lingg

Larry - RIP
Katze, Männlich, 15
Rasse: Hauskatze Kurzhaar
Besitzer: Tracey Pfeiffer

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Meine Einträge beim "Tier der Woche" Wettbewerb

Bianca (RIP)
Gesendet: 16.03.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 6.56
Rang: 49

Bianca (RIP)
Gesendet: 10.03.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 7.15
Rang: 37

Bianca (RIP)
Gesendet: 06.03.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 7.92
Rang: 10

Bianca (RIP)
Gesendet: 28.02.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 7.31
Rang: 24

Bianca (RIP)
Gesendet: 06.02.2010
Durchschnittliche Punkte: 8.12
Rang: 9


Weiblich, 60
2 Katzen, 1 Hund, 5 Vögel

12.02.2010 07:35

...o little Bianca
I am so sorry that you had to go over the rainbow bridge but at least now you have no more suffering....
I am sure in the rainbow land where you are now you will meet my dear Shila-Cat and she surely will be a good friend for you.... with Love, Beatrice and Bianca


Weiblich, 60
2 Katzen, 1 Hund, 5 Vögel

07.02.2010 04:17

hello pretty Bianca
Like Blake you are so cute.... and I like your nice face with the two eyes in the different colours!!:-)


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Bianca (RIP)

Geschlecht    Weiblich
Geburtstag    01.08.2008
Ortschaft    Isa Town
Land    Bahrain
Rasse / Species    Hauskatze Halblanghaar


Sajeda Kayed
Weiblich, 29
Isa Town, Bahrain
3 Katzen, 1 Reptil

Wo ich meine Familie traf

Me, my cat mom, and brothers and sisters was abandoned by our previous owner in the vet clinic after our cat mom had given birth to us.

My mom's aunt was visiting the vet clinic when the vet told her about us so she took us and called our mom because she love cats very much. Mom was so happy when she saw us but she couldn't take us all she had to pick only one, and it was me :)

Mein erster Tag mit ihnen

My mom put me in a room because they already have blake so it's hard to introduce me to him directly mom kept rubbing a towel on me and make him sniff it and rub a towel around him and make me sniff it, he was a bit nervous to accept me in the bigening, it took weeks to do that then we became friends.

Coole Tricks die ich kann

I was a quiet kitty I don't know how to do tricks but I charm people when they see me, does it count a trick?! lol

Dinge die ich mag

I like to sleep and eat, sleep sleep and eat, then sleep and eat lol

Dinge die ich nicht mag

When I play with Blake and he starts to bite for real!!

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